Best Talks at Ruby Taiwan Conference 2019

15.08.20193 Min Read — In Conference

It is that time of the month where the RubyConf Taiwan happens at the end July and this year, I had the chance to attend the conference and meet Yukihiro "Matz" Matsumoto at the pre-party happening at PicCollage.

The Gang and Matz

But enough of that geek idoling. I'm here to share with you the best talks at RubyConf Taiwan 2019 starting with the keynote in the morning of the first day.

Yukihiro "Matz" Matsumoto started with his talk about whether if ruby was fast enough, the future of ruby where he talked about Ruby 2.7 and the future Ruby 3.0 next year.

At the end of day one, Samuel Williams gave a talk where he shared how he push ruby to the limits to achieve one million connections in one web server instance, and in doing so found some bugs and workarounds. He's hilarious and one of the best speakers in my opinion.

During day two, Aaron Patterson talked about compacting garbage collection for the MRI (or Matz's Ruby Interpreter or Ruby MRI or CRuby, whichever one you choose). He brought us back to defragging clusters in 1991 with Defrag, or from Norton SpeedDisk, to the diferent techniques of compaction algorithms. Do watch this because he explains it very well.

At first, I attended this last talk of the day because of it was about virtual machines like Parallels or VMWare, but in fact Yo-an Lin share about langauges and why we use virtual machines and how to the various Ruby YARV, Zend Engine, Dalvik, JVM, Parrot, CRuby, etc compare to each other. This is a topic that's meant for me and I've updated myself on the techniques after 10 years of not learning and tinkering languages. There is also a book that I got which is Language Implementation and Patterns (2009). It's been a long update for languages and compilers since the "Dragon Book" (now updated in 2007) back in 1986.

All in all, the last talk was ultimately my favourite talk ever, and I woulod love for Yo-an Lin to share a part 2 of this talk. Here is the link to all the talks in the RubyConf Taiwan 2019, and hope you enjoyed the talks as I have.

Do tell me which is your favourite talks for the RubyConf Taiwan 2019.

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